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Citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) need only valid travel documents, i.e. passports or identity cards to come to Latvia.
Non-EU nationals have to check if they need a visa to enter Latvia. The visa validity period depends on each specific case. Technically, with a valid visa you can stay in Latvia for up to 90 days. If students from outside EU come for a longer period than 90 days, they must apply for a residence permit in a Latvian Embassy abroad. Please note that it may take up to several weeks to obtain a visa or a residence permit. Therefore application procedures should be started as early as possible.   If you need visa, please consult higher education institution's admission office and/or the Latvian Embassy in your country or region to learn what procedures you should undergo and what documents you need to submit. However, the university you are applying for, can also consult you on visa issue.
In order to study in Latvia Students who are willing to apply for studies should be aware that before proceeding with the application process /signing the agreement/applying for the residence permit the documents, the admission office of the chosen university will send your  Education documents for verification (recognition).
Admission office of the chosen university will assist you during the application process and will inform you about the requirements for application for studies!
Any questions concerning application process should be addresed to universities!

Important information about residence permit: 

Checklist and necessary information before going to the Embassy of Latvia or Migration Department (print version)

Go through the checklist before going to the Embassy of Latvia responsible for your region or Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs:

  • Copies of previous education document and transcript of records (grades/final exam marks. If education documents are) and documents that confirm your previous education is recognised as suitable for the continuation of studies in Latvia.
  • N.B. If the documents are in any other language than English, notarised copy in English with approval of the documents authenticity should be provided.
  • Signed study agreement and proof of acceptance at the university (provided by university).
  • Proof of study fee payment (provided by receiving university)
  • A photo
  • Valid travel document (e.g. passport)
  • Filled in Application form for a residence permit:
  • A statement on punishability issued by a competent institution of the citizenship or the host country (legalised with APOSTILLE, if applicable)
  • A letter from the bank (stamped and signed by the bank) on student’s name (the same as in passport!) that you have a sufficient financial means for living in Latvia 5 160 EUR per year (it equals to 430 EUR/per month)
  • A bank issued debit or credit card with the account that can be used abroad.
  • A document/agreement confirming place of residence in Latvia (if a student stays in university’s dormitory, it is a confirmation letter from the university).
  • A document confirming  state duty payment.
  • A statement on punishability issued by a competent institution of the citizenship or the host country, it is valid for 6 months (legalised with APOSTILLE, if applicable).
  • Statement on fluorography or x-ray examining results (upon arrival in Latvia)
  • Health insurance for the whole validity period of the residence permit (upon arrival in Latvia).
From some countries students can enter Latvia without visa and reside for 90 days. Even if a student can enter Latvia with visa or without visa, one must      make sure that all the required documents for visa and/or residence permit are gathered.
N.B. For some countries there are additional requirements, please make sure you have all the necessary document before visa and/or residence permit application and make sure if the documents (public documents issued in a f foreign country intended for use in Latvia) education, are legalised:
The list of countries of which students have an additional assessment and students from these countries have to apply for both visa and residence permit at the embassy of Latvia in their country of origin or at the embassy of other country entitled to issue visas of Latvia. University has no such authority:

Information about Health Insurance