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Travel to Latvia

Latvia is easily accessible by land, sea or air, and has the largest railway terminal and international airport in the Baltics.

19 different airline companies serve Riga airport, including a number of budget airlines, so it should not be too difficult to find a reasonable price. 
   Another way of arriving in Latvia is by ferry.
  International train routs are currently limited to connections with Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, as well as to various destinations in Ukraine. 
  Riga is very well served by extensive bus connections. Bus routes connect Latvia with Belgium, Holland, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and many other European countries.


The key tourist attractions are concentrated in Riga, the Latvian capital. In the Old Town of Riga you can enjoy middle age architecture such as the Riga castle, the Dome and the House of Blackheads. Latvia can also offer beautiful national parks and historical heritage remains outside of the capital city.