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Leisure activities

Riga can offer a wide range of cultural events and entertainment, from world-class performances of classical music, ballet and art galleries to lively nightlife and leisure activities. Those interested in high arts – opera and ballet will get a real treat from a visit to the Latvian National Opera (LNO). All those, who are attracted by visual arts, should visit museums and the numerous art galleries accommodated in the Old Town and the city centre.

In some ways Riga is a city that never sleeps. At any time, day or night, you can find a place to sit back and enjoy yourself, and the choice and variety of such places is growing rapidly day by day.

This diminutive capital knows how to let its hair down and plenty of action-packed activities and adventure await anyone bold enough to hunt it down. From paint-balling, bobsledding and firing AK47s to wakeboarding, windsurfing and water-skiing: it's all catered for. Explore more here at Riga Life