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Student organisations

Students' Self-Governments

Each university in Latvia has a Student Self-Government, which accepts students regardless of their nationality. The aims of the Student Self-Government usually are: to protect and represent the interests of all students in academic, material, cultural and social matters at the university as well as at other institutions. This organisation is also an intermediary between the student and the university administration. You can find the Students Self-Government of your university through the administration. Also, you can find the full list here

Student Union of Latvia

Student Union of Latvia represents and furthers the interests of the all the students of Latvia both on the national and the international level.
The organization is a significant partner of policymakers in the higher education sector, influencing the resolvement of issues that affect students. The Students’ Association is structured as a collegial union of students’ representation bodies, which includes representatives from all the accredited  higher education institutions. Find out more

Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest international student organisation in Europe, with 13 500 active members from 452 local section in 37 countries. The ESN in Latvia is represented by two local sections: ESN Riga and ESN Jelgava.
The main moto of ESN is Students helping students, therefore ESN Riga helps not only Erasmus students but all International students in general, all over Riga and Latvia. ESN Riga provides buddy system for International students at University of Latvia, and all kind of activities to get Latvian expierence to all incoming students in Riga. More information


AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC in Latvia has a great international team and two active local committees located in Riga and Valmiera. Read more

The Student Association of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

SSE Riga SA is the unifying organisation of the student community at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. The Association is represented and governed by an elected Board, and is the largest self-sustainable Student Organisation in the Baltics. The Student Association is all about improving the university experience of the students. They take pride in maintaining a high-level social and professional life. Having this purpose in mind, the SA unifies several organisations, such as Days of Opportunities that keeps the tradition of organising the oldest career fair in the Baltics; the Peak Time and Junior Peak Time responsible for arranging the biggest international business competition in the Eastern Europe for undergraduate and high school students; iFund that organises the SSE Riga Finance Challenge and DNB Trade Investment Game. Also, the SA has a wide range of activities, mostly involving regular organisation of parties, summer and winter sports competitions, experience sharing and educational events. The representatives of the student body are always looking forward for new suggestions and partnerships opportunities with schools, universities, organisations and companies. Read more