Education system 

The Latvian education system consists of pre-school education, basic education, secondary education. General education in Latvia in total lasts 12 years consisting of compulsory 9-years basic education and 3-years secondary education. Secondary education stage comprises general secondary education, vocational secondary education and vocational education. Higher education comprises both academic and professional study programmes. Find out more 

There is academic and professional higher education in Latvia. Most of the institutions of higher education offer both academic and professional higher education qualification. 

Academic higher education programmes are tended to prepare graduates for independent research, as well as to provide theoretical background for professional activities. Academic education programmes are implemented according to the national standard of academic education. They usually comprise a thesis at the end of each stage and lead to a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree.
Professional higher education programmes are tended to provide in-depth knowledge in a particular field, preparing graduates for design or improvement of systems, products and technologies, as well as to prepare them for creative, research and teaching activities in this field. In total the duration of professional/vocational study programmes is not less than 4 years after secondary education and not less than 2 years after college education. 

Duration of Bachelor’s programmes may be 3 or 4 years. The total length of fulltime Bachelor and Master studies is not less than 5 years. Doctoral studies last 3-4 full-time years. Read more

Latvian Qualifications Framework

Latvian Qualifications Database and Register of Study Directions