Latvian Qualifications Database

Latvian Qualifications Database (LQD) is a unique information system containing summary of data about qualifications referenced to the Latvian Qualifications Framework (LQF).

LQF is a system, where learning outcomes achieved during periods of learning are described in eight levels. Qualifications referenced in the LQF cover certificates obtained in formal education starting from basic education to doctoral studies. For purposes of comparability of Latvian qualifications, the LQF has been referenced to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The Database covers qualifications which can be acquired when completing accredited education programmes in accredited education institutions; therefore, these qualifications are recognised by the state.

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Register of Study Directions

The Register of the Study Directions is a database, in which information about all licensed study programmes and accredited study directions are inserted on a regular basis. Information about all higher education institutions and colleges in Latvia is available in the Register of the Study Directions. 

In this database, everybody can check whether a higher education institution or a college they have selected has been accredited, which study programmes they offer and whether these study programmes have been accredited within any of the 29 study directions.

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