Why Latvia











Riga is the Capital of Latvia, rich in architecture, culture and a plentiful array of attractions, Riga is by far one of the most amazing capital cities in Europe and well worth visiting.

Riga was founded in 1201 and is among most beautiful European medieval cities, and is the largest city in the three Baltic states with a population of about 660 000. Riga is well known for its fantastic integration of historic and contemporary architecture. In fact, Riga is considered to be the world’s best epicentre of Art Nouveau. Tourists from all over the world admire Riga. The elegant Old Town and distinctive Art Nouveau architecture serve as stimulating setting for a vibrant modern business and cultural life.

All ages of contemporary European architecture can be seen in the streets of Riga - they perfectly complement each other and create the feeling that many things are happening simultaneously in Riga – the contemporary fashion fits very well with the medieval buildings and narrow streets. Riga has always been the city of youth, since the majority of Latvian higher educational institutions are located here. Riga has always been the birthplace of new ideas, and students fill the streets with their energy.

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