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Riga Creative Quarters

Kalnciema Quarter, thoroughly renewed and open to everyone, is part of unique European wooden architecture heritage. The Quarter regularly hosts Seasonal Markets and series of cultural, educational and business events, which bring a lively buzz to its courtyards.

Miera Street is a flourishing creative quarter where little shops, cafes and all kinds of creative initiatives work side by side and warmly greet every guest. Cheerful people gather on the street, the air filled with long-forgotten melodies, and all worries fade away.

Kaņepes culture centre (KKC) inhabits a wonderful building with a courtyard and a terrace, built at the end of the 19th century, in the very centre of the city. KKC offers a wide range of
exhibitions, plays, live musical performances and social activities.

Hedged between Elizabetes, Marijas and Dzirnavu street, Bergs Bazaar is a miniature self–contained city – here one can find cinema, art, fashion, delicacies, a luxury hotel, and even one of Rīga’s few fountains. Bergs Bazaar boasts the charming features of a metropolitan
lifestyle: refinement, intelligence, hedonism,contemplating walks and conversations...

Grizinkalns has become one of the most sportive areas in Rīga, because already for five years it has been home to the most popular urban sports and culture event in Latvia – Ghetto Games.

Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art is an internationally active non-government cultural organization that offers an independent perspective on current topics and recent historical events through the looking glass of art.

Andrejsala is a pioneer among Rīga’s Creative Quarters, and has managed to preserve its raw ambience despite the contrasting aims and ambitions of its residents. Here artists, designers, creative entrepreneurs and liquor sellers try to fulfil their dreams next to busy railwaymen and dockers, droning trains and mighty ships gliding by.

Located next to the Central Market, Spikeri quarter attracts with a rich cultural agenda and gastronomic pleasures. In Spikeri creative industries, cultural organizations and restaurants of different concepts coexist and complement each other.

Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris is contemporary art’s stage – a professional production and presentation venue, where audience is offered to experience theatre, dance and interdisciplinary performances created and performed by local and international professional artists.

Rīga International School of Economics and Business Administration future education and culture epicentre is located in Pardaugava, in a former industrial area by Zunda canal. It is
the largest media centre in the Baltics, inhabited by architecture, audiovisual media arts, culture, education and business.

At this independent centre for dance and personality there are at least 30 various dance activities for adults, workshops and classes for the personality and life balance, dance and music classes for children.

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