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Jelgava is a city in central Latvia about 41 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Riga. It is called the capital the region of Zemgale, educational and cultural centre, as it is the largest town in the region with more than 60,000 inhabitants. 

Jelgava is also known as student city – every 10th inhabitant of Jelgava is a student! The name Jelgava is believed to be derived from the Livonian word jālgab, meaning "town on the river."

Jelgava Palace or Mitava Palace is the largest Baroque-style palace in the Baltic States. It was built in the 18th century based on the design of Bartolomeo Rastrelli as a residence for the Dukes of Courland in their capital – Mitava (today Jelgava), Latvia. The Dukes of Courland also had a summer palace by Rastrelli nearby called Rundāle Palace. Nowdays Latvia University of Agriculture is located in Jelgavas Palace.

Jelgava is a green and hospitable city, attracting its guests with beautiful Baroque, Classicism and Renaissance style architecture, picturesque parks and rivers and plenty of cultural events. It is a rapidly developing city in the sphere of economics, education and culture.