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For mysterious castles, jolly breweries and stunning lakes, there’s nowhere like Valmiera and Northern Vidzeme. A giant stork colony, a legal hemp farm and cycling with Olympic champions are a few other reasons to visit Valmiera, the centre of Vidzeme – Latvia’s “middle land.”

This is the place where ancient times meet modernity, industrial - natural. That`s the reason why city`s visitors and inhabitants feel good here. Come and experience it yourself!

Small Old Town of Valmiera next to the River Gauja will give you a chance to relax after fast city life. Find out city`s history in Valmiera museum!

Valmiera main ‘street’ is the River Gauja that divides the city in two, one of which is called Pārgauja. Valmiera is located 107km from Riga. The River Gauja endows Valmiera with a naturalness that one can enjoy when walking along the Gauja’s banks; it takes just five minutes to reach the walking trails.  More


Valmiera Drama Theatre

Valmiera Drama Theatre was established in 1919, nowadays it is one of the best drama theatres in Latvia. Due to its artistic qualities and strong traditions of performing art as openness to new impulses and international contacts, theatre has not only become one of the central axes of Vidzeme professional culture life, but is also considered to be one of the leading theatres in Latvia. Step by step the name of Valmiera Theatre appears more often on the international level. More

Valmiermuižas beer brewery – Valmiermuižas alus darītava.

Brewing has been going on near the Valmiermuiža manor just north of Valmiera since at least 1624. But while the manor is now just evocative ruins, the beer making continues thanks to one of Latvia’s most innovative producers. Following carefully selected recipes a genuinely "live" and unpasteurised beer is made, surely appreciated by any connoisseur! More

Photo: Valmiermuižas pils

Sietiniezis Rock

The largest exposure of white sandstone in the Baltic Region: 15m high and 400m wide. The formation derives its name from bee tunnels in the rock. There are nature trail and viewing platforms along the rock. A picnic area. Location:  Vaidavas pagasts, Kocēnu region The name of Sietiniezis (fine-sieve rock) comes from the extensive serration of the rock. The rock has multiple extraordinary forms – caves, pillars, alcoves, a forming arch.It is considered to be one of the highest rocks in Latvia. More

Photo: fototips.lv

A tour with Gauja Tram in Valmiera

Tour with „Gauja Tram” in the middle of city Valmiera is a great entertainment for families or active recreation with colleagues. It includes must-see places of Valmiera by the view of river Gauja in the route. There is the special schedule for “Gauja Tram” and duration of tour is 40 minutes.

Photo: visit.valmiera.lv 


Vidzeme Olympic Center

Vidzeme Olympic Center started its activities in 2002. The aim of its founders – Valmiera City Municipality and the non-profit organization “Latvian Olympic Committee” – was to promote the development of sport in Valmiera and Vidzeme region, as well as to create a qualitative sports centre for eduacational and training activities available for inhabitants of the region. More


BMX museum – hall of fame.

New tourism objects were created in holiday complex “Avoti” in 2008, when Olympic Games took place in Beijing (China). Such as guided tour about BMX cycling and “BMX museum - hall of fame”, where different historic materials, bicycle (including the one bicycle of Māris Štrombergs, the first Olympic champion in BMX cycling), cups, pictures with the best sportsmen are available. More

St Simon’s Church in Valmiera

Architecture of St Simon's Church combines the Romanesque and Gothic styles. Church was built on a steep bank of the River Gauja in 13th century. Originally, St Simon's Church hosted a Catholic congregation. In 1554 in Valmiera, freedom to pursue Lutheran faith in Livonia was proclaimed that restricted clashes between Catholics and the adherents of the new faith. More

Dikļi palace

With roots going back to the 15th century, the current main house dates from 1896, and is one of the few manors in Latvia with many original interior features preserved, including the entrance hall, luxurious old stoves and fireplaces, the central stairs, several tiled stoves and the parquet floor. Dikļi castle was restored in 2003. At the moment, the palace houses a hotel, a restaurant, a spa and it provides a venue for various functions. More


Jāzeps Vitols Memorial Museum

"Anniņas" is professor’s Jāzeps Vītols - legendary Latvian composer, founder of the Latvian Conservatory - summer house.

Every summer in the end of July we have Jāzeps Vītols Music Days in Gaujeina with the participation of choirs from all reģions of Latvia. More


What international students appreciate about the city of Valmiera:

The very natural environment really impresses the foreigners. The river Gauja flowing through the city, many natural parks and forests around the city, the pace of life is full of natural tranquillity and peace;

The city offers all the necessary services in terms of sports, recreation and culture, however, it is much more compact than the capital Riga;

The living and possibilities to relax and enjoy a good meal is very reasonably priced.