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Ventspils - a city respecting the past, looking to the future and bustling with activity today.

Ventspils is a city that won't leave you indifferent! It is like a small country within a country. There is no need to travel outside Latvia to feel a breath of Europe – you will find everything in Ventspils where even time is counted differently and where flowers, in spite of rhythms of life dictated by nature, break into blossom earlier than in other places of Latvia, and holidaymakers can enjoy an easy walk along city's cobbled streets. 

Ventspils is attractive in all seasons: the Adventure Park is for adrenaline lovers; the Narrow GaugeRailroad Train and children's recreation parks are perfect for families with children; the Beach of the Blue Flag and dunes offer good sunbathing conditions even if the air temperature is just 15° C, not to mention the Water Adventure Park's and SPA Complex's pleasures, stargazing with an up-to-date telescope at the observatory and unforgettable cosmic impressions at the most contemporary digital planetarium in the Baltics (which is the only one in Latvia). More about Ventspils 



The Livonian order castle is one of the oldest medieval fortresses that has survived to this day. In 1290 the castle was first chronicled and this date is now considere to be the year of Ventspils’foundation.

In its turn, the castle chapel is the oldest preserved church building in the region of Kurzeme. In the 13th-16th century the castle was used by the brothers of the Livonian Order, later there was an Evangelical Lutheran church in the castle (1706-1835), a Russian Orthodox church (1845-1901) and also a prison (1832-1959).  


The Seaside Open Air Museum was founded in 1954 to preserve the heritage of the seaside fishing village. Today it is the only open air museum dedicated to fishing in Latvia. It features fishermen’s homesteads, barns, wind mills (from the Užava parish), smokehouses, curing cabins, net sheds and other samples of native building and household artefacts.

A favourite attraction at the Seaside Open-Air Museum, at the same time an educational feature, is the narrow-gauge railway, with its 1.4 km long Circle line and 3,0 km long Mountain line. Such a railway was built by the German Army during the First World War, connecting Ventspils with the fishing villages along the coast. Since 1964, one of the locomotives, of which a small number were produced in Germany, is the property of the museum, and thanks to support from sponsors, it still attracts visitors. 


The South Pier features a promenade with a viewing platform next to the lighthouse.

Ventspils' South Pier is perfect place where to go for a long walks during every part ofthe day and every season. The end of the pier, where the green eye of the lighthouse looks through the gates of the sea, is ideal for watching sunsets, the calling of huge vessels at the port and the might of the stormy sea.

The Piers were built in 1905 from the design of the civil engineer M. Šistovskis. The promenade is ideal for taking walks and watching the setting sun, the might of the stormy sea, and huge ships calling at the port.



The seashore has almost an 80 m wide beach of fine white sand and dunes that in some places reach a height of 9 m. The Blue Flag Beach stretches for 1.2 km. Equipment on the Beach allows also disabled people to take a rest at the sea: they can reach the Beach using plank-ways and dwell on special designed platforms.

Both Ventspils residents and guests enjoy the clean environment of the Ventspils beach, its good water quality, safety both on the shore and in water, as well as the infrastructure!



Rope track Cat’s Path is one of the summer outdoor activity projects in the Adventure Park. The track on the growing trees of different height is fit out with fixed strained ropes, nets, small bridges of various designs, swings, logs, cords and ladders, all creating paths, not providing for coming down to earth for several hundred meters. Obstacles are placed on five tracks of different complexity levels – green, blue, red, purple and black. The Cat’s Path offers also the Power track, which according to its complexity level is the most difficult one. For moving through the obstacles, the Park visitors will be offered a special safety outfit and safety instructions. Each visitor should also attend the track for beginners accompanied by the instructor.

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